Easter 6 Exaudi 2023

Exaudi Sermon Notes
May 21, 2023
St. John 15: 26-16:4

Thesis: We need pure doctrine and we need each other.

I. The Truth will set you free

A. Situation: Persecution and Confusion

1. The world is in the church. It puts you out as a “service to God.” You aren’t winsome or sensitive. You are too nerdy, too worried about the details, too worried about the Law and sin and accuracy.
2. The world kills you as “a service to God.” They hated the theology of Jesus, why wouldn’t they hate you?
3. The world does not only attack Christians. The world is attacking anyone that won’t dance to its tune. This is the origin of cancel culture and politically correct and reality-denying language.

B. Pure doctrine from the Spirit of Truth enables you to see reality

1. The Bible helps us see that most of the world can divided into those in Plato’s Cave, the Lotus Eaters, or the hatred of Pharaoh.
2. It helps us see that the word “science” is used as a rhetorical device meant to shut up opponents.
3. Primarily though, we need to see our sins and need for a Savior and then to see the real solution.

C. Pure doctrine comforts with the Gospel
Know Jesus, the Father, Love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, goodness

II. We need each other

A. Love covers a multitude of sins. Everybody is hurting. We often lash out. The Church is defined by love and is, by definition, a community.

B. We are called to compassion, mercy, kindness, empathy and sympathy, hospitality, affection. a recognition of pain and weakness, loving those who are loved by Jesus, patience.

C. Encourage one another with wisdom and praise. Give one another courage, hope, joy. Reminder of who we are so that we behave better and also a reminder of what God promises and a hearty dose of acceptance.

D. If your normal practice is to slip out of here as fast as possible without talking to anybody, consider trying something different. Or if you’re only involvement is Sunday morning worship, consider expanding. This isn’t a commandment or a Sacrament. It is an opportunity, an invitation. We need each other. You need us and we need you.

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