Lent 5 Saturday after Judica 2022

Saturday after Judica
St. John 8: 42-59
April 9, 2022 A+D

In the Name of the Father and of the +Son and of the Holy Spirit.

The Greeks who come to Philip represent the Gentile fruit. That fruit comes from the Lord’s falling to the earth and rising again. It is expedient that this man, Jesus, die, that a new nation be formed. The Gentiles do not see Him apart from His death, nor do they see Him as long as they love their own lives. But the Son of Man is lifted up from the earth on that cruel scaffold to draw all things, even Gentiles, unto Himself.

He is lifted up from the earth on Good Friday. He becomes not just sin and a curse for our sake, but also a worm. He is a worm, a snake, a dragon, and no man. His effigy was lifted up in the desert. The people who looked upon it were saved. Now He who knew no sin, who obeyed His Father in all ways, who loves His neighbor as Himself without caveat or limit, is lifted up from the earth, away from creation, away from the goodness of God, forsaken, despised, stricken, smitten, and afflicted.

Would you see Jesus? See Him there. There is your Lord. There is love. There is hope. There, on the cross, is God and salvation.

There is sadness in this, to be sure. Our sins required it. We are bit mere victims of snake bites, but selfish boys who mocked our fathers went poking at snakes and who led others to do the same. But there is also Easter there, hidden in the death of Jesus. The grain of wheat falls to the earth and is buried, but it does stay there. It rises from Joseph’s tomb. He bears fruit, much fruit, even Gentile fruit. The sacrifice is terrible, but not outside of time. It comes to an end. It is finished, and Jesus rises from the dead.

May God give us the strength and courage to not look away this week but to rejoice in the vision of that which has saved us. The Father has glorified the name of Jesus.

In +Jesus’ name. Amen.

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